The Ultimate Guide To DraftKings Crowns and Dynasty Rewards

Draftings Crowns And Dynasty Rewards Guide

In the fiercely competitive online gambling industry, retaining customers is everything. DraftKings apparently got the memo, as it has rolled out one of the best VIP rewards programs in the space, the aptly titled DraftKings Dynasty Rewards.

We were surprised by just how transparent and rewarding the program is. After all, DraftKings isn’t exactly a company without its flaws (which we’ll gloss over).

In this guide, you’ll get the rundown on how the program works from a former professional gambler and top-tier member. We’ll also sprinkle in numerous tips on how you can utilize the program to mitigate your losses and enhance your winnings.

In no way does Value Sleuths advocate or encourage gambling, nor do we affiliate with any gambling companies. This post is strictly for informational purposes, designed to help current DraftKings customers generate better value. If you or a loved one has a gambling problem, call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

What are DraftKings Crowns?

DraftKings Mobile App

If you’ve heard of Dynasty Rewards, then you’re probably already familiar with DraftKings Crowns, but here’s a refresher.

DraftKings Crowns are a virtual currency that acts as the foundation of Dynasty Rewards. Players earn Crowns for nearly every real-money action that they make on the site.

The list of transactions that award Crowns includes:

  • Most casino wagers
  • Most sports bets
  • Entering Daily Fantasy Sports contests
  • NFT marketplace purchases

Crowns are also used to determine your Dynasty Rewards loyalty tier. The more Crowns you earn during the calendar year, the higher you’ll climb up the loyalty program’s five tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx), unlocking new perks along the way.

Where is DraftKings legal?

It’s important to note that not all DraftKings’ gaming verticals are available in every state.

  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Legal in 44 states. Not available in Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Hawaii.
  • Sports betting: Legal in 17 states, and legal but not yet live in roughly 10 others. Full legality map here. Sports betting is also available in Ontario, Canada.
  • Casino gaming: Legal in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and West Virginia. Casino gaming is now also legal in Ontario.

Crowns are now a unified currency across all of DraftKings. Regardless of whether you prefer casino gaming, sports, DFS, or a bit of each, all of your rewards will be stored in one universal wallet.

However, players in states with more available gaming options will have greater earning opportunities and a wider array of redemption options.

What are DraftKings Crowns worth in USD?

Players cannot directly redeem Crowns for dollars, so there isn’t an exact USD conversion rate. You can, however, redeem 550 Crowns for 1 DK Dollar.

DK Dollars can be used to place wagers on DraftKings and are not withdrawable until players meet a 1x rollover requirement.

From the detective’s desk: In gambling vernacular, a rollover requirement is the number of times a bonus must be wagered before it converts to real money. For instance, if you receive 10 DK Dollars with a 1x rollover requirement, you must wager $10 on eligible games before the bonus can be withdrawn as cash. If the rollover (or wagering) requirement was 10x, you’d have to wager $100.

Getting more technical

The better the odds of the games you play, the more your Crowns are worth. The differences are slight, but every penny counts.

Let’s say you mostly play online slots, and that your favorite game returns about $0.96 per dollar wagered. In gambling terms, we say that this slot has an RTP (return-to-player) of 96%.

You play enough to earn 550 Crowns and redeem them for 1 DK Dollar. If you wager your DK Dollar on the same slots, you can expect a return (over the long run) of $0.96. Your 550 Crowns are therefore worth $0.96 cash.

However, if you wager the same DK Dollar on a game with a lowly 90% RTP, the value of your Crowns diminishes to 550 Crowns = $0.90 cash, or 611 Crowns = $1 cash.

The same concept applies to sports bets.

Like other sportsbooks, DraftKings charges a commission on winning wagers. The most common example is when it offers a -110/-110 line (wager $110 to win $100) on an NFL point spread. In these instances, the house has a 4.54% edge. If you use DK Dollars to wager on these games, every 550 Crowns is worth about $0.955 and 576.2 Crowns is roughly the cash equivalent of $1.

From the detective’s desk: Savvy sports bettors can recognize opportunities to flip the house edge in their favor. However, DraftKings is quick to limit how much pro players can wager. To increase your longevity, we recommend following these tips from our friends at Unabated.

How to earn DraftKings Crowns?

Crown With Glimmering Lights

Nearly every financial action that you take on DraftKings generates Crowns. However, the rate at which they’re earned varies widely, depending on the action.

DraftKings Crowns earn rate

CasinoMost Slots, Keno, Virtual Sports1 Crown per $2 wagered
CasinoSelect Slots And Table Games1 Crown per $5 wagered
CasinoMost Table Games (Including Blackjack and Video Poker)1 Crown per $8 wagered
Daily Fantasy DFS Contests1 Crown for every $1 in entry fees
Sports BettingStraight or Future bets1 Crown per $2 wagered
Sports BettingParlays and Same Game Parlays1 Crown per $1 wagered
Marketplace NFT Purchases1 Crown per $2 spent

So why do some activities award more Crowns than others? It all has to do with the house edge of the games you enjoy.

Games and bets like slots, keno, and Same Game Parlays award more Crowns because DraftKings generates more revenue off these high house-edge games.

On the flip side, players can reduce the house edge of games like blackjack and video poker to under 0.5%. DraftKings isn’t as generous toward these players, because they’re already playing near break-even games.

From the detective’s desk: Despite the lesser rewards, players are still better off gambling on games with either a low house edge and/or a skill element.

There are a couple of game types that are completely exempt from earning Crowns. One is Craps. The other is sports betting favorites listed at -1000 or shorter odds (i.e. -1500, -2000, -3000). We don’t exactly know why these games are excluded but it’s probably due to their low-risk nature.

Also, note that a few “select” slots earn Crowns at a lower rate compared to regular slots. Again, this has to do with the house edge. Some online slots return as much as 98-99%, which is exceptional (for a slot). Unfortunately, DraftKings is acutely aware of these slots and has lowered their Crown earn rates.

How valuable are DraftKings Crowns?

Now that we know a little bit more about how the Crowns system works, we can figure out how valuable they are.

The Crowns cashback rates (in terms of DK Dollars) are as follows:

DraftKings Crowns cash back rate (DK Dollars)

Game TypeEarningsCash back rate
DFS Contest entry fees, Parlays and Same Game Parlays1 Crown per $1 wagered/paid0.182%
Most Slots, Keno, Virtual Sports, Straight/Future sports bets, Marketplace purchases1 Crown per $2 wagered/spent0.091%
Select Slots and Table Games1 Crown per $5 wagered0.036%
Most Table Games and Video Poker1 Crown per $8 wagered0.023%

These rates may seem pretty abysmal, but they’re only slightly worse than the average retail casino slot club, which awards 0.1% cash back to slot players, and 0.05% cash back to video poker players.

How to redeem DraftKings Crowns

There are several ways to spend your hard-earned Crowns.

DK Dollars

Arguably the best way to redeem Crowns is to convert them to DK Dollars. This currency functions as a site credit, in that it can be used for any real-money transaction on DraftKings. Depending on where you’re currently located, this may include:

  • Entries into DFS contests
  • Casino gaming
  • Sports betting
  • Marketplace purchases

Once your DK Dollar balance is wagered, any winnings immediately convert to cash and can be withdrawn, via a withdrawal method of your choice.

Daily Fantasy contest entries

Players can use Crowns instead of cash to enter Daily Fantasy contests. The exchange rate is the same as it is for DK Dollars, where 550 Crowns is worth $1 toward your entry fee.

Not all contests can be entered using Crowns. Look for the “Enter with Crowns” gold icon indicator.

Free Credits

Free Credits share many similarities with DK Dollars. Once redeemed, players can use them to play specific games. They also share the same redemption rate as DK Dollars, in that 550 Crowns can be redeemed for $1 in free credits.

However, free credits are far more restrictive than DK Dollars, in that they can only be used on one game that you select from a list of available options. For instance, if you redeem 5500 Crowns for $10 in DraftKings Roulette free credits, your credits can only be used on that game.

On top of that, free credits are only available for casino games. The redemption option won’t even show up if you’re currently located in a state where online casino gaming is not legal.

From the detective’s desk: You don’t have to reside in a state where DraftKings is legal to wager on the site. The only requirement is that you’re physically located (via geolocation tech) within state boundaries. The gaming options available to you will depend on the state you’re currently located in.

In short, it’s hard to justify a reason to ever redeem Crowns for free credits. Stick with DK Dollars.

Dynasty Store

Dynasty Store

DraftKings now offers an online store where players can redeem their Crowns for a gigantic array of items, including popular categories like:

  • Electronics: Apple Watches, iPads, iPhones, desktop computers, computer accessories
  • Fitness and Sports: Boating gear, exercise equipment, fishing reels, camping supplies
  • Jewelry and Fashion: Men’s and women’s eyewear, bracelets, charms, jewelry boxes
  • Toys and Games: Action figures, pool tables, kids’ bikes
  • Outdoor Living: Garden tools, outdoor grills, smokers, leaf blowers
  • Home Appliances: Air conditioners, washer and dryers, refrigerators, food processors
  • Gift Cards: Hulu, Spotify, Xbox, Dave & Busters

Members can also book premium-themed travel experiences. For instance, there are packages to the Emmy Awards, Disneyland, the Adare Manon golf destination, as well as Amalfi Coast cooking experiences, and a family ski experience at the Alps.

Of course, most of these packages are extremely pricey, running anywhere from 300,000 Crowns to over 10 million, but it’s crazy to think an online gaming site offers such luxurious rewards.

On top of this, the DraftKings Dynasty Store has a dedicated travel portal, similar to those available to premium credit card holders. Instead of redeeming points for travel packages, you redeem Crowns.

While the Dynasty Store offers a truly amazing collection of goods and amenities, we wanted to know if it’s a good use of your Crowns.

DraftKings Dynasty Store Crown Redemption Rate

ItemPriceCrowns CostRedemption Rate
iPhone 13 512GB$1099683,069621.5 Crowns per $1
10.9-inch iPad Air 256GB (WiFi + Cellular)$899529,068588.5 Crowns per $1
$25 Uber gift card$2513,949557.9 Crowns per $1
Leather Novix Garment Bag$173.57108,499625 Crowns per $1
Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue & Red Controller$260209,012803.9 Crowns per $1

Just from this small sample, we can see two trends:

  • Some Dynasty Store purchases offer far more value than others
  • In most cases, players generate better value from redeeming their Crowns for DK Dollars.

The important lesson is to always do your homework before making a purchase from the Dynasty Store. Find out the retail price of the item, and divide the Crowns cost over that amount. If the answer is well above 550, you’re not getting a great deal.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards explained

The real merits of DraftKings’ loyalty program lie in the perks unlocked by climbing up the Dynasty Rewards ranks.

Dynasty Rewards is comprised of five different annual loyalty tiers, and a player’s tier is determined by how many DraftKings Crowns they earn during a calendar year.

  • Bronze: Everyone starts here
  • Silver: 25,000 Crowns
  • Gold: 125,000 Crowns
  • Diamond: 500,000 Crowns
  • Onyx: 1,000,000 Crowns

Once you reach a new tier, you will maintain your status for the remainder of the current calendar year, and for the entire next calendar year, at a minimum. This is definitely a highlight of Dynasty Rewards, as most other online gaming loyalty programs drop your status after a month or two of inactivity.

Dynasty Rewards welcome bonuses

Every time you move up a level, DraftKings will award you with a tier-specific welcome bonus.

Currently, after reaching Silver status, you’ll be awarded $50 DK Dollars. The bonuses increase from there, with new Diamond members receiving 50,000 Crowns (equivalent to about $91), and those fortunate enough to reach Onyx receiving $500 DK Dollars.

DraftKings Dynasty New Member

Dynasty Rewards Crown accrual boost

Another big perk of Dynasty Rewards is that after you move up a level you’ll accrue Crowns at a faster pace.

  • Silver: 10% monthly increase
  • Gold: 20% monthly increase
  • Diamond: 30% monthly increase
  • Onyx: 40% monthly increase

These boosts will help you improve your cash back rate. For instance, instead of earning 0.182% cash back on DFS entries, as you would as a Bronze member, you’ll earn 0.255% at Onyx. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s nothing to scoff at either.

But that’s not the best part. The Crown accrual boost also applies to your tier status. As an example, say you’re currently a Diamond member, and you earn 50,000 Crowns during the month of May. The accrual bonus is worth 30% or 15,000 Crowns, so in total, you’ll earn 65,000 Crowns toward becoming an Onyx member.

From the detective’s desk: Crown bonuses for the previous month’s play are awarded around the 5th of the current month. So if you’re close to reaching the next loyalty tier, you may want to hold out to see if you’re bonus pushes you over the top.

DraftKings Dynasty benefits

Beyond the welcome and Crown accrual bonuses, DraftKings Dynasty members open up a slew of other perks at higher tiers.

Some of these are rather ho-hum, while others are big enough to help players temporarily flip the house edge in their favor.

DraftKings Dynasty Overview

Note: The Dynasty Store is not available in Indiana.


All DraftKings players are automatically enrolled in Dynasty Rewards, so you’ll be able to enjoy the Bronze perks right away. These include:

  • Earn Crowns for all real-money transactions
  • Redeem Crowns for DK Dollars and free credits (where eligible).
  • Access to regular DFS Missions and Achievements, as well as DFS, sportsbook, and casino promotions. *DFS Missions are not live in Ontario

Nothing special, but in fairness, some online gaming sites don’t let you redeem rewards until you reach the second loyalty tier. So getting that perk right out of the gate is worth something.


At Silver you’ll gain access to:

  • Tier exclusive contests and promos

In addition, you’ll receive your welcome bonus and 10% Crown accrual boost.

Exclusive promotions are offered to every Dynasty Rewards member Silver and above. The structure of these promotions is usually the same, but the monetary caps rise as you climb the ranks.

As an example, a Silver member may receive an offer for a 100% bonus match up to $50, while an Onyx member receives a 100% match up to $1,000.


Gold members receive all the same perks as Silver and Bronze members, as well as:

  • Better tier-exclusive contests and bonuses
  • Priority customer support

Considering it takes nearly 5x as much play to reach Gold as it does SIlver, the added perks come off as underwhelming.

If you’re already Silver, don’t intentionally play more than you’re comfortable with just to reach Gold. It’s not worth it.


At the Diamond tier, the rewards really start to pick up. You’ll gain all the perks of a Gold member, plus:

  • Access to Exclusive Live Experiences
  • Access to a Team of VIP Associates (not available in the United Kingdom)
  • Even better tier-exclusive contests and bonuses
  • The ability to gift a free 3-month Gold trial membership to a friend

As a Diamond member, I was invited to fancy dinners, and meet and greets with sports celebrities. I also received VIP tickets to local pro sporting events. These invites came rather often, roughly once a month.

Additionally, having access to a VIP team is a great benefit. Take advantage of it. Have a bad losing session? Reach out to your team and ask for a kickback. More often than not, you’ll wake up to find DK Dollars in your account.

Even if you simply haven’t played in a while, a host may reach out with a bonus to entice you back to the site.

All that said, accumulating 500,000 Crowns in a year is a mammoth task. We’re talking nearly $1 million wagered on slots and/or straight/futures sports bets, and up to nearly $4 million on blackjack and video poker.


The Onyx tier is the apex of Dynasty Rewards, and the rewards reflect your accomplishment.

The only additional perks listed are a dedicated VIP host and the ability to gift a free 3-month Diamond trial to a friend. Yet, behind the scenes, you receive so much more.

First off, the promotions are mammoth. You’ll have opportunities to regularly earn $1,000+ bonuses, often capping out as high as $5,000 – $10,000.

Onyx Tier bonuses

On top of this, Onyx members often receive truly exclusive offers. As a recent example, 500 Onyx members received a free 300,000 Crowns to spend in the Dynasty Store. Players at this level may also be entered into sweepstakes with a cumulative prize pool totaling $100,000 or more.

Yes, 1,000,000 Crowns is a ton, but if you’re already Diamond tier, then you’re more than halfway home. And thanks to the 40% Crown accrual bonus, you’ll “only” have to earn 714,286 Crowns in the following years to maintain your status.

DraftKings Dynasty promotions

DraftKings changes its VIP promos all the time, but here’s a look at the type of promos you might see in your inbox:

  • Match Bonuses: Deposit $X and DraftKings will match a percentage of your deposit in bonus funds. Subject to rollover requirements.
  • Earn as you go: Earn 1 DK Dollar for every 25 Crowns you accrue during the promotional period.
  • Boosted Crowns: In addition to tier-specific Crown boosts, DraftKings may offer a promo where you’ll be able to further boost your Crown earnings for a limited time.
  • Bet X, Get Y: Bet a certain amount on a particular game and earn bonuses on your play.
  • Ironman Challenges: Bet huge amounts on slots, table games, or a combination of games and receive massive bonuses. These are not for the faint of heart.

DraftKings Dynasty Ironman Promotion
The daunting Ironman Challenge

DraftKings Crowns and Dynasty Rewards: FAQ

Do DraftKings Crowns ever expire?

DraftKings Crowns never expire, so feel free to keep stacking them until you see a contest/game you want to play or something you want to purchase from the Dynasty Store.

Likewise, there’s no indication that DK Dollars expire either. However, casino bonus funds are subject to stringent expiration dates.

Where can I view my DraftKings Crowns balance?

There are multiple places to view your DK Crowns balance.

On desktop, the most efficient way for Casino and Sports players is to log in, scroll to the top menu bar, and go to Free Credits -> My Rewards. There, you will find your Crown balance prominently displayed, as well as your eligible redemption options.

On mobile devices, you’ll need to take an extra step. Tap on the little player icon located in the top-right-hand corner of the display. It should be next to your cash balance. Then navigate to My Rewards to see your Crown balance.

Does the Dynasty Store ever offer sales?

Yes, the Dynasty Store offers frequent sales on select items, but we’ve generally found the discounts to be rather lackluster.

Occasionally, DraftKings will host a sweepstake drawing for higher-tier Dynasty Rewards members where winners can choose an item of their liking (up to a certain Crown amount) from the store.


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