Save Big With These Jersey Mike’s Rewards Tips

Jersey Mike's Sub Sandwich

At Jersey Mike’s the veggies are locally sourced, meats are sliced right in front of your eyes, and its bread is freshly baked daily. No wonder why it’s a rising star in the sandwich niche.

The trade-off for all of this deliciousness is that Mike’s prices tend to be higher compared to other sandwich joints. This is why it’s critical for customers to take advantage of savings through the Jersey Mike’s rewards app.

So, whether you’re craving a Jersey Shore’s Favorite prepared Mike’s Way, or are in the market for a Big Kahana, read on to learn how to save 20% or more using our favorite rewards app deals and hacks.

Download the Jersey Mike’s rewards app

Jersey Mike's Store and Sandwich

Jersey Mike’s free loyalty program — otherwise known as MyMike’s — is the entry point to savings. Without it, you’ll be paying full price on all of your purchases. That’s a big no-no.

To download the app, you can simply scan a QR code located on Jersey Mike’s website (here’s the link for Android), or get it directly from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Signing up is a breeze. Just enter your full name, phone number, and email address and choose a password. Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to verify your info via text or voice, and that’s it.

Of course, we always recommend going a step further, by also entering your birthday (you can do that under “Account Details”). That way you’ll get a freebie during your bday month.

From the detective’s desk: To place orders from the app, you’ll need to enter a credit card or link your Google Pay or Apple Pay account. Just be warned that Mike’s takes security very seriously, so you must enter your credit card’s CVV every time you use it. Keep your card handy!

Use the Jersey Mike’s app for all your sandwich purchases

Jersey Mike's Shore Points

Of all the fast-food rewards apps, Jersey Mike’s has to be among the most straightforward. There are no gimmicks, no strict limitations, and only a few redemption tiers.

Customers earn “Shore Points” on every sandwich purchase made through the app, including in-store pickups and deliveries. They can even earn on in-person orders by scanning the app’s integrated QR code at checkout.

Here’s how many points you’ll earn per item:

  • Kids Meal: 3 Shore Points
  • Mini: 4 Shore Points
  • Regular: 6 Shore Points
  • Giant: 12 Shore Points

Note: You normally do not receive Shore Points on other purchases, like soft drinks and chips.

Shore Points never expire. This is a rare novelty, as most restaurants will toss your rewards out to sea if you let them sit too long.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Shore Points, they can be redeemed for any sandwich of your choice, at the following redemption rates:

  • Mini (valued at $6.69 – $7.69) for 48 Shore Points
  • Regular (valued at $9.19 – $10.39) for 72 Shore Points
  • Giant (valued at $15.39 – $17.69) for 144 Shore Points

Even if you don’t ever cash in a coupon, take advantage of a special offer, or use one of the special tricks listed below, you’ll still generate about 8.3% cashback on your orders.

But that’s just the beginning.

Forgot the app at home? You can still get points

Jersey Mike’s doesn’t penalize you for forgetting to scan your QR code at the time of purchase.

Just head on over to the Points Self-Registration page, and enter the details found on your receipt.

You can even claim Shore Points on deliveries made through third-party apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats. This is a rarity among restaurants, and something we’d wish more restaurants would incorporate.

Giant subs offer the best value per inch

Jersey Mike's Mini Size
Jersey Mike’s mini is nearly as big as a standard sub at most places!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll get more bang for your buck by going big.

Jersey Mike’s doesn’t use traditional sizing for its subs. Instead, they’re bigger than what you’d find at a Subway or most other sandwich shops:

  • Mini: 5.5 inches
  • Regular: 7.5 inches
  • Giant: 15 inches

Jersey Mike's Regular Size
The regular-sized sub clocks in at ~7.5 inches

Most this info, we figured out the cost per inch of each sub size (prices may vary at different locations):

  • Mini: $1.22 – $1.40 per inch
  • Regular: $1.23 – $1.39 per inch
  • Giant: $1.03 – $1.18 per inch

Notice that the Mini and the Regular offer about the same value, but the Giant is significantly discounted, about 15-16% on average.

Therefore, it’s best to order from Jersey Mike’s when you have a hungry family to feed and can justify ordering a Giant. The only downside is that you have to pick just one sub, but we’ll take a better price over the lack of variety any day.

Minis offer the best Shore Points redemption value

Jersey Mike's Rewards Redemption

Based on price, it’s best to always redeem your Shore Points for Minis. Just don’t be deceived by the name, as Minis satisfy a good-sized lunch and a decent-sized dinner craving for one person.

Jersey Mike's Redemption Options (Price)

Sandwich SizePoint Value (Low)Point Value (High)

From the table, it’s clear that your Shore Points have the greatest value when you redeem them for Minis, with each point worth about $0.03 – $0.04 more than if you were to spend them on Giant subs.

However, that doesn’t tell the full story. We also wanted to know how many inches of sandwich you’ll get per redemption option.

Jersey Mike's Redemption Options (Size)

Sandwich SizeInches Per Point

As it turns out, redeeming for Minis is also the best way to get the most amount of sandwich, beating out Regulars and Giants by nearly 11%.

This makes sense, since three Minis cost the same number of points as one Giant, but comes out to be 1.5 inches bigger (3 x 5.5 = 16.5 vs. 15).

Redeeming points for Minis also allows you to diversify your taste buds. Instead of spending 144 points on one type of sandwich, you can get three different cold subs. (Unfortunately, hot subs only come in Regular and Giant sizes.)

This one simple trick elevates your cashback from 8.3% to 9.2%. Better yet, if you follow our previous tip and only buy Giants, and only redeem for Minis, you can earn as much as 12.5% cashback.

Take advantage of Double Points days

Jersey Mike's Double Points Day

Jersey Mike’s makes a regular habit of offering customers double points on their purchases.

We’ve tracked this offer for months, and have gathered that Double Points days usually occur twice a month, and are spaced out about 14 – 21 days.

Double Points days are when you want to make your largest purchases. If you follow our strategies, it’s a clear path to generating up to 25% cash back on sandwich purchases.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received Double Points notifications through email. The best way to find them appears to be via social media, either through Mike’s Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Be on the lookout for other promotions

Jersey Mike's Coupon

While you may not receive Double Points notifications to your phone or email, you will receive other offers.

Jersey Mike’s doesn’t do too many promotions, but when it does, they’re well worth checking out. Here’s a look at a few offers we received:

  • Coupons: These are usually for a discounted sub, and offer about $1 – $2 off. They’re valid for a few days up to a week and can be redeemed more than once.
  • Free delivery: Place a purchase from the app and have it delivered for free. This can result in a pretty steep discount, as Jersey Mike’s third-party partners charge a premium on deliveries.
  • Promotions: One time, we were offered 72 points (enough for a free Regular sub) if we made two Regular sub purchases by the end of the month. Similar promos pop up now and again.
  • Games: Jersey Mike’s recently ran a promo where customers who answered college basketball trivia questions received 6 Shore Points, and could also win a trip to Houston to view NCAA Championship games.

From the detective’s desk: For the Trivia game, it didn’t matter how you performed — everyone received 6 points. Additional entries could be earned by placing mobile app offers.

Check your email, texts, and social media feeds often to take advantage of these opportunities. You can enable notifications from the “Account Details” section of the Jersey Mike’s rewards app.

Skip getting Jersey Mike’s delivered if you can, but if you can’t…

Jersey Mike's Delivery

Having lived through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, many of us have come to be thankful for delivery services. However, deliveries come at a premium, often inflating the cost of a meal by 50% or more.

Ordering delivery through Jersey Mike’s is no exception. At our local hotspot, subs are marked up by 50% and that’s before applicable service and delivery fees and tips.

Even on a rather stingy $3 tip, we would pay 127% more for the same exact sandwich if it were delivered as opposed to picked up. The upcharge may be even higher if you don’t live close to a Jersey Mike’s, as delivery fees are distance-based.

On a positive note, Jersey Mike’s does not charge a small order fee on orders placed through the app. Instead, deliveries must be at least $10. Trust us, you’ll have no problem meeting that threshold.

Our advice is to trek on down to a physical store, but if that’s simply not feasible, then here are a couple of money-saving tips:

  • Order delivery only when Jersey Mike’s is offering free delivery. This happens often enough.
  • If you constantly order delivery then consider joining a premium subscription service like DashPass for DoorDash or Uber One for UberEats. At least this way you won’t pay delivery fees and will pay reduced service fees.
  • Place larger orders. Delivery fees are the same regardless of the size of your order, and we feel it’s generally OK to tip a smaller percentage on larger orders.

Even with these tips, you’ll still pay about an 80 – 100% upcharge. However, there are (rare) occasions when third-party apps offer Jersey Mike’s promos, lowering the high cost of delivery significantly.

Get a free Jersey Mike’s sub (and more) on your birthday

Birthday Surprise

Jersey Mike’s really hooks its customers up on their birthdays. Whereas most quick-service restaurants will give you a cookie or a free coffee, Mike’s patrons get enough points to purchase a Regular sub, wrap, or bowl, and then some.

In order to receive a birthday gift, you must have a Jersey Mike’s rewards account and must opt-in to email notifications at least one day before your birthday.

Take those two simple steps, and you’ll automatically receive 80 Shore Points once your big day arrives. That’s roughly a $10 value. And like all Shore Points, the points you receive on your birthday never expire.

So feel free to cash in whenever you like. You can even wait until your next bday.

Use this tip to maximize your redemption value

Jersey Mike's Pick Up Order

Let’s say you want to redeem your Shore Points for a sub, and also order another sub(s). If the subs are the same size, Mike’s will subtract the cost of the lowest-priced sandwich.

As an example. If you order a $6.69 and a $7.69 Mini, and use 48 Shore Points to get one of them for free, the points will be allocated toward the $6.69 sandwich. The result is that you lose a bit of value.

There are a couple of ways around this. The first is to order subs that are exactly the same price.

You can also order two different-sized subs. Or you can simply redeem your points for the highest-priced sub first, and then head back later on and purchase the cheaper sub with cash or credit.

Any of these methods will further maximize the mileage you get out of Jersey Mike’s rewards program.

From the detective’s desk: On the app, the Shore Points meter caps out at 144 points. While it’s true that the most amount of points you can redeem per transaction is 144, there’s no hard limit on how many points you can accrue.

Most of Jersey Mike’s toppings are free, but some aren’t

MIke's Hot Sub

Jersey Mike’s is famous for styling its sandwiches “Mike’s Way,” which is just a fancy way of saying that sandwiches come preloaded with the following toppings:

  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Olive oil blend
  • Oregano
  • Salt

All of these toppings come free of charge, and you can customize which ones you want in the app. However, you can also add a plethora of other toppings to your sub, free of charge.

These include pickles, banana peppers, cherry pepper relish, spicy brown mustard, mayo, and more.

The only topping that nearly always costs extra is bacon. You can also add extra cheese or meat for a premium.

Bacon is an expensive topping, clocking in at $2.09 (for a Regular sub) at our local store. If you’re really craving bacon, then we recommend simply ordering a sandwich that already comes with it by default, like the Club Supreme.

Bacon-loaded sandwiches tend to cost a bit more, but not $2+ more.

Bowls are just Regular subs without the bread

Jersey Mike's Bowl

We’re all for counting calories, and yes, if you get a Bowl instead of a Regular sub, you’ll save yourself 2 minutes on the treadmill.

However, Regular subs and Bowls are the same price, and the only difference between the two is that one includes bread and one doesn’t.

We verified this by looking at the calorie count of several sandwiches (conveniently located in the Jersey Mike’s rewards app). The bowl isn’t any meatier.

If you’re trying to avoid bread, that’s great. Just consider getting the Regular sub anyway, dump out the contents, and give the bread to someone who wants to make a sandwich.

Buy chips and a drink together for a small discount

When ordering from the Jersey Mike’s app, you may notice that there isn’t an option to order a combo.

However, you may be able to order chips and a fountain drink as part of a package, and that will come out cheaper than ordering these items separately.

If we’re in the mood for a complete meal, we order a chips and regular drink combo for $3.79, a savings of $0.79.

All told these simple hacks and tips will see sandwich lovers get a ton more value out of their everyday purchases than if they just passed over the Jersey Mike’s rewards app.


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